District of Columbia

A friend and I were texting back and forth back in July and decided to hit the road. Next thing you know, my 2004 Jeep Cherokee was packed up with snacks, pillows, clothing and cameras and we were en route to Washington D.C. I'm sure things happened in between deciding to go and the start of a 12 hour drive but who cares right? Anyways, 12 hours later we arrived in the nation's capital! It was the first stop of our end of the summer road trip. Also on the list were Bryson City and Asheville North Carolina. But first, we wanted to visit historic landmarks that shaped this country into what it is today.


This was my first trip to D.C so I was pretty excited to explore. I've explored the capitals of other countries but never my own. We walked for miles through museums, gardens, monuments, and Chinatown and despite the hot summer sun beating down on our backs we had a great time.

Details that I don't want to delve into are listed as follows:

  • why the trip up to D.C was so long. Someone may or may not have had stomach issues...
  • getting lost, hungry and thirsty multiple times while also pinching pennies
  • hopping on the wrong bus

I wouldn't call these details burdens. I can see them as elements that only made our trip more memorable.

Ill stop rambling now. Here are some pics!

I'm going to start off strong and say that the photo below is one of my favorite I've ever taken. As soon as I saw this man with a bouquet across the canal in Georgetown, i started snapping away. The way the man is framed by lush greenery looks so romantic.. It gives me a Parisian vibe, like he's heading to see someone he loves or he owns a flower shop and will put these on display. 

Oddly enough, the man dropped the arrangement and kept walking… It was a prime example of the illusion of photography. The literary value behind a photo can be complete fiction; yet, that doesn't make the photo or the story any less valuable.

There's no shame in taking the most touristy pictures you could think of.

Sometimes you get caught in the act.

Sometimes you get caught in the act.

No shame at all.

No shame at all.

At the end of our last day in the city, we ditched the crowed in front of the Lincoln Memorial and headed to the back. We watched the sun go down past the Virginia skyline and were thankful for our experience but knew that the mountains were calling. Next stop, North Carolina.

Also, despite the overall frattiness of the house, shout out to Blake for giving us a place to stay.




There were so many fun times in D.C but not all of my pictures were goofy. Head over to the D.C tab under the "Travels" header to view more artistic photos.