"Little House," a shoot with Emily

You know that feeling you get when you have an idea and it just flourishes right in front of you. That's probably one of the most satisfying feelings I can think of. It's exactly what happened when I shot with a friend named Emily last week.

This is Emily.

Emily is an artist and a friend.

We road down a windy gravel road, into Alpine Groves state Park. One fence climb away lead us to an abandoned work shed that had the most beautiful light leaking through the cracks. It looked like a scene from a movie

We explored the shed while I wondered how many people have worked, sat, spoke, yelled and thought quietly there. We talked about little details and walked softly as we set up. It was chilly and most of the day had been overcast but you could see pops of orange and pink sneaking through the clouds, just in time for sunset.

Then we shot.



Little house*