An Update

This year has been filled with new people and creative minds. I've met a variety of Jacksonville's movers and shakers, the ones who work every day to turn their dreams into realities. It's a funny thing when two people's aspirations align in a way that the both of you benefit through collaboration. Fashion bloggers, knitters, clothing designers, boutique owners, writers- a short list of the people I've met and grown close to.

I am preparing to graduate in under two months... The connections I've made so far in the Bold City have pulled Jacksonville closer and closer to my heart. My craft has improved so much in the past 6 months, let alone the last four years.

I'm so extremely thankful for this city and all it has gifted me but hey, I am a nomad at heart and I'm ready to move on. In the next 6 months, my life will make a complete 180. I will graduate college, move back home for bit, pack my life into a U-Haul and travel to my new home in The Bronx, NY. Then, ideally, I will get a kickass job and meet a collection of new inspiring folk. Written down, it sounds easy but I can't begin to describe the anxiety that comes with this transition. They say that the best things begin at the end of your comfort zone. Well I'm basically packing my stuff and driving 20 hours outside of it.

With all of that said, I can confidently say 'bring it on, lets do this, game on, lets go' and any other phrase that describes my excitement and willingness to embark on this new life.