A New New Yorker


1. Scaled Manhattan

I could live here for 10 more years and still stumble over something I've never seen before. Averaging at about 5 miles a day, I have scaled Manhattan from top to bottom. New York's diversity and spontaneity encourages an open mind. From a jazz band performing in the park to a rapper serving edible cookie dough on the sidewalk, I swear I've seen it all. The quiet homes in the village are quaint yet a few miles away from the bustling tourist attractions in Midtown. I've eaten about 6 cannoli from Little Italy and have visited questionable markets in Chinatown... 

Whilst walking, sometimes speed walking through the city, I'd simultaneously scout locations for future photoshoots. It's impossible not to be inspired here.

Viewing the 2017 solar eclipse from Bryant Park.

3. Freelanced

As of right now I freelance as an art director and photographer during the week and a booth associate at a market on the weekend. I try to squeeze in fun shoots whenever I can. The hustle is reeall! In retrospect, freelancing has provided me with the freedom to really figure out what I want to do in the long run.

Roughly 3 months ago I moved to NYC. Since then my life has changed in so many ways. Yes, I am  still looking for that dream job and no I haven't found "the one" and moved into a brownstone in the upper east side...

But here's what I have done.


2. People Watched

A woman dancing and singing in the Times Square subway station holding a chicken while a man sings Michael Jackson classics into a mobile karaoke machine is honestly one of my most "New York" memories thus far.


4. Grown

"Progress is impossible without change."

I brought a bed, a couch, bags of clothes and a brand new attitude when I moved here. From that new attitude, I've gained more motivation and worth ethic. The plan is to keep growing as a person, an artist and as a  professional so stay tuned, the glow up is on it's way! You can keep updated by subscribing to my blog below. 


Speak soon! xo