I crossed state lines last Friday for a quick day trip to Savannah, Georgia. After parking illegally (unknowingly), we  made our way down a steep staircase and onto River street. It was about 11am, the sky was clear, the wind was chilly but a step out of the shade revealed the warmth of the sun. We perused the typical souvenir shops and it took everything in me not to buy a box of pralines! Thankfully, free samples are a thing.*wink face emoji.

Our main objective was to take pictures for Emily's photography class. It was really cool to help someone else out with their camera. I consider myself a student of all things, so having the chance to explain something I'm  passionate about felt really really good. It was the kind of role reversal that evoked pride and purpose.

We ate at Butterhead Greens Cafe on Bull St. and mostly window shopped on Broughton street. We spotted SCAD students walking in and out of University buildings and wondered how inspiring it would be to be an art student in a city with so much character!

Once our bellies were full and our SD cards loaded, we settled back into the car and made the trip back down south. It was a great day and an even greater break from the usual. 


x Savannah

Urban Exploring with Michie & Rachel

Last week I challenged myself when I agreed to explore Downtown Jacksonville with two friends; Rachel and Michie. I usually stumble upon inspiration in nature but this day, I went searching for it in an urban setting. 

Springfield is a really cool area of downtown Jacksonville. Houses in the neighborhoods are falling apart and small businesses line the street. This pearl white vintage Thunderbird caught my eye as shortly after we arrived. We also ventured into a building so wrecked that we couldn't even guess what it used to be.

Here are a few images from our day. :)

x Urban Exploring

Thanks for reading! 

"Little House," a shoot with Emily

You know that feeling you get when you have an idea and it just flourishes right in front of you. That's probably one of the most satisfying feelings I can think of. It's exactly what happened when I shot with a friend named Emily last week.

This is Emily.

Emily is an artist and a friend.

We road down a windy gravel road, into Alpine Groves state Park. One fence climb away lead us to an abandoned work shed that had the most beautiful light leaking through the cracks. It looked like a scene from a movie

We explored the shed while I wondered how many people have worked, sat, spoke, yelled and thought quietly there. We talked about little details and walked softly as we set up. It was chilly and most of the day had been overcast but you could see pops of orange and pink sneaking through the clouds, just in time for sunset.

Then we shot.



Little house*

The Fog over Atlantic Beach

There's nothing that fuels my spirit more than sunshine. But there's an undeniable beauty in gray clouds and hazy views. 

This past weekend, a friend and I drove to Atlantic Beach. We walked onto the soft gray sand and looked for the horizon, where the sky met the water. All we could see was a flat gray gradient that almost looked like a white backdrop when photographed. Beach houses and the shoreline provided little photographic details and pops of color. 

Fog works as the best light diffuser I can think of! Limited shadows and soft light meant lots of pictures but I'll spare you with the condensed gallery below. :)

Headshots with Ola

I've come to quickly realize that my twenties are a progressive decade of my life, that is, if I keep moving forward and working on bettering myself. A small but vital part of a young persons life is constructing their professional careers and just getting themselves out there. "EXPOSURE IS EVERYTHING!" said someone, one time... This means that resumes, websites, Linkedin profiles and portfolios are more important than ever! 

This whole spew of conscious ideas was written solely to introduce head shots of a friend that I took last week… These kind of shots are perfect for resumes and online biographies. They put a fresh, welcoming face for possible employers to associate with resumes. 

Email for inquires at, 


It was so fun shooting with Jessica and Lyla at the park in Jacksonville Beach this week!  We met at Sunshine Park just a few miles from the water. Chasing a three year old through the park was a fun, carefree way of ending the semester.

Here are most of the shots from that day. Enjoy!

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